Tax-free shopping

Requirements for VAT free shopping

There are two ways to make purchases VAT free in our shop.

As a prerequisite for both options you need to have a customer account for our shop.

Countries outside the EU

For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, we do not charge VAT. Once you've registered as a customer and you've signed in, you can see the product prices without VAT.

Traders within the EU

If you own a business within the EU, but outside of Germany, and have a valid VAT number, you can buy goods from our shop VAT free.

  • Important! We do not change orders that have already been placed!
  • You manage your address with the associated VAT number yourself. Our shop checks the validity of the data and rejects incorrect information. We cannot support this process!
  • After entering valid data, you can benefit from EU intra community supplies.
  • The invoice for your delivery is sent to you via e-mail and is excluding VAT.
  • If your VAT number or the associated address changes, you must adjust accordingly! Orders with outdated or incorrect informations will not be accepted by our shop!

As a customer you are responsible for the correct taxation in your country!