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Transistor P22NE10L Transistor P22NE10L
Transistor P22NE10L
€1.69 *
Transistor P20N20 Transistor P20N20
Transistor P20N20
€1.69 *
Voltage Regulator LM338T Voltage Regulator LM338T
Linear Voltage Regulator LM 338T Input Voltage, Min: 4.2 V Input Voltage, Max: 40 V Output Current: 5 A Output Voltage: 1.2 V to 32 V
€3.49 *
Transistor LM337T Transistor LM337T
Transistor LM337T
€1.49 *
Thyristor TIC126N Thyristor TIC126N
Thyristor TIC126N
€0.79 *
Transistor TL783C Transistor TL783C
Transistor TL783C Replacement for LM317AHV
€1.99 *
Transistor TIP32C Transistor TIP32C
Transistor TIP 32 C Replacement for: 2SA1010 2SB596 2SB617 NTE197 BD244
€0.89 *
Transistor S2800B Transistor S2800B
Transistor S2800B
€1.99 *
Transistor IRF9530 Transistor IRF9530
Transistor IRF 9530 Replacement for: NTE2343 2N6043 2N6044 2N6045 TIP100 BD649 BD901 BDW73C BDW73D BDX53C BDX53D BDX53E BDX53F
€0.59 *
Transistor 2N6402 Transistor 2N6402
Transistor 2N6402
€1.79 *
Transistor FQP13N10L Transistor FQP13N10L
Transistor FQP13N10L
€1.29 *
Transistor 2N5460 Transistor 2N5460
Transistor 2N 5460 Replacement for: 2N2368 2N2483 2N2484 2N3903 2N4072 2B4123 2N5210 2N735 BC174 BC182 BC190 BC546
From €1.89 *
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