Noflix® Pinball LEDs


Advantages of the Noflix Pinball LED:

Noflix flicker-free They do not flicker. There is no noticable strobe-effect as known from pinball LEDs.
Noflix energy saving Require only about 1/10 of the energy in comparison to traditional light bulbs. This not only protects the power supply, but also the connectors and cables. Charred power connectors and boards are a thing of the past.
Noflix durable Durable! Noflix LEDs have a very long life. Shocks cannot harm the LEDs.
Noflix low temperature Very low heat generation. Inserts and backglasses are preserved.
Noflix colorful Very "natural" warm white hue. Older LEDs often had a clear, unnatural green tint. Intense cold white hue. No blue tint - the white is bright and radiant.
Noflix polarity protected The polarity of Noflix cannot be mixed up. Unlike traditional pinball LEDs, they always light up – regardless of how the socket is wired. This is a huge advantage, especially when using a bayonet socket. Up until now, the cables on the socket often had to be resoldered.
Noflix info We are the manufacturer: Pinballcenter has the Noflix produced according to our own technical specifications.

Additional advantages of Noflix PLUS:

Noflix stabilized A capacitor stabilizes the voltage of the LED. Flicker-free for the highest expectations!
Noflix phantom-free No phantom glow in pinball machines of the newest generation.
Noflix fading "Soft" on and off. The Noflix PLUS switches with a slight delay, similar to a light bulb.
Noflix for Early Electronics pinball machines Labeled Noflix PLUS also work in so-called EE-pinball machines (EE = Early Electronic).
Noflix protected

Noflix PLUS is a technical development of Pinballcenter GmbH. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution will be prosecuted.

Noflix® is a registered trademark of Pinballcenter GmbH.


Comparison Video

Left: Noflix PLUS, Center: Noflix LED, Right: Competitor LED